Coming Soon: Neurodiversity in Media Panel Discussion

BySarah Lewis

Coming Soon: Neurodiversity in Media Panel Discussion

Our event for this year’s Disability History Month has been postponed until 2024. The event will see a panel come together of university staff, students and industry guests to discuss the topics of Neurodiversity in Media.

Join us for an enlightening event as we celebrate Neurodiversity in Media, exploring the transformative power of authentic representation in shaping perceptions and fostering a more inclusive society. Focusing on the diverse experiences, this panel discussion will not only spotlight the experiences of neurodivergent individuals but also feature diverse perspectives from students, academics, professionals, and industry leaders. Our panel of esteemed guests will share insights, challenges, and triumphs in the pursuit of a more inclusive and representative media landscape. Let’s come together to amplify diverse voices and pave the way for a future where everyone’s story is told and heard.

  • Professor Jason Lee – Media, Film and Culture
  • Constance Bole – Media and Communication BA (Hons) student
  • Yasin El Ashrafi – Managing Director HQ Recording Studio
  • Change100 BBC Guest

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