Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day 2023

BySarah Lewis

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day 2023

To mark Ada Lovelace Day this we were lucky to be able to interview three inspirational women from the faculty to find out more about their career journeys, role models and what advice they have for other women wanting to embark on a career in technology.

On Tuesday 10th October we will also have a poster display of notable women in computing in the main entrance to Gateway House. Come along and find out more about these women who inspire us!

On celebrating Ada Lovelace Day, Professor Shushma Patel, PVC Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media said “The importance of our Faculty celebrating Ada Lovelace Day conveys the desire to celebrate our outstanding female colleagues in STEM subjects. Helping to make them more visible for their outstanding contributions to science and to inspire a whole new generation of girls to strive and achieve, furthering our collective knowledge.”

Professor Shushma Patel discusses how her background in biochemistry and microbiology and how big data accidentally led her into computing and academia. She also recognises the importance of role models and how the messages to young girls about STEM careers need to amplify the voice of women in STEM to create a more diverse and equitable future.

Dr Tanvir Allidina, Lecturer in Embedded Systems explores how she always found herself going against the crowd, being the only girl in her school to take IT and physics. She came to De Montfort University to study Mechatronics and went on to do her PhD in Computer Science. On advice for women in STEM, Dr Allidina said “Remember, you belong regardless of the challenges and biases you may face, just remember that you belong in the world of computing, just like anybody else and you perspective skills and ideas are equally as valuable.”

Celine Ilo, Postgraduate Research Student in Engineering discusses her academic background in physics and energy engineering and how establishing gender balance is key to creating unique perspectives in research teams. She also advises that having a close network is important to provide opportunities and support to women in STEM.

You can view our celebrations from 2022 and find out more about Ada Lovelace at: adalovelace.our.dmu.ac.uk

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